JOIN US SUNDAY MORNING AT 9 AM!  We primarily have a contemporary style of worship with a hymn or two mixed in. Occasionally we incorporate contemporary videos. We also have a Scripture reading and prayer time where we share our joys and concerns and pray for each other.  


In our worship, we hear biblically-based messages that apply to our everyday lives.  These messages are delivered by members of our congregation as well as outside speakers - regular everyday people who have been called by God to share their story with others!


There are multiple small groups that meet within Providence church. We want to build the Kingdom of God one relationship at a time through community discipleship.  Some meet on a weekly basis. Others meet on a bi-weekly basis. The primary objective is to build relationship through discipleship.  Each group has a new study going on a different topic or book of the Bible.  Most of our groups are taking time away during the summer, but check back in the fall!

We do offer a weekly bible study that meets in the church office every week on Sunday at 10:30a after our worship service.  All are welcome!


Our youth are led by our Youth Director, Lori Scioli. Lori teaches our youth on Sunday morning during worship.  The teaching time includes Bible study, videos and a relevant youth discusion topics.   In addition, Lori coordinates youth events like bowling and time at our camp, Camp Swatara.  The youth participate every year in the CROP Walk to help those in need in our community.  Join this exciting and active group!  


Our Children's Director, Wendy Walton, teaches our children during worship.  Her teaching includes: role playing of Biblical stories, videos, singing and crafts.  In addition, Wendy runs special events during the year for our children to participate in.




At Providence Church we pride ourselves in serving our local community. This has been in our DNA since the beginning of the Church of the Brethren. That DNA derives from the example Jesus Christ set before us as God belittled himself by taking human form in Jesus Christ. It is probably best exemplified in John 13 when Jesus washes the grimy and gross feet of his disciples. We serve with our time and talent.