Our Family Christmas Tradition

(Dec. 30)

Christmas Eve 2018

The Coming King (December 2018)

Goodness (November 25)

Philippians (Sept.-Nov. 2018)

Befriending Death (October 7)

Crown of Glory (September 2)

Judges (July-August 2018)

Stone of Help (July 8)

Better Together (June 2018)

For God so loved the world... (May 27)

The Book of Amos (April/May 2018)

Easter 2018

Seeing Jesus

What...Me Worry?

The Book of Acts (February 2018)

Stories (January 2018)

New Year, New View



December 2018

December 2 The Coming King: I Want It NOW


December 9 The Coming King: Patient Peace


December 16 The Coming King: Shocking Expectation


December 23 The Coming King: The Day is Near


December 24 Light Among Us


December 30 Our Family Christmas Tradition (Not Available)

November 2018

November 4 Philippians: Heavenly Change

November 11 Philippians: Higher View

November 18 Philippians: The Gains of Generosity

November 25 Goodness (Not Available)

September 2018

September 2 Crown of Glory (Not Available)


September 9 Philippians: Remember for the Future


September 16 Philippians: Every Opportunity


September 23 Philippians: Magnify Christ


September 30 Philippians: Jesus Regard


August 2018

August 5 Judges: The Seduction of Power


August 12 Judges: Be Careful What You Wish


August 19 Judges: Who should we follow?

August 26 (Worship Service Cancelled)


July 2018

May 2018

May 6  Amos: The Need for Mercy


May 13 Amos: Recognizing the End


May 20 Amos: Re-planting Hope


May 27 For God so loved the world... (Not Available)

April 2018

March 2018

March 4 Acts: Jealousy in Disguise


March 11 Acts: Testifying in a Sea of Intellectuals


March 18 What...Me Worry? (Not Available)


March 25 More than Religion (Palm Sunday)

February 2018

February 4 Stories: The Synergy of Life


February 11 Your Story is His Story (Not Available)


February 18 Acts: Claiming God's Deeds of Power


February 25 Acts: Shaken to Boldness

January 2018

January 7  New Year, New View (Not Available)


January 14 Stories: Testifying to Life in the Face of Death


January 21 Stories: Sharing Authentic Faith


January 28 Stories: Discovering New Life