With Us (Advent 2017)

November 2017

The Kingdom ( Fall 2017)

September 2017

August 2017

Outcasts (July 2017)

God on Film (June 2017)

Trinity (Spring 2017)

April/Easter 2017

When Necessary (March 2017)

Teach Me To Pray (February 2017)

Favorite Preacher Prayers (2017)



December 2017

December 3  With Us: Thieves of Hope


December 10 With Us: The Peace of God's Presence


December 17 With Us: Giddy to Give


December 24 With Us: Acts of God


December 31 The Post-Christmas Adventure (Not Available)

November 2017

November 5 The Kingdom: Choose Forgiveness

November 12 The Kingdom: Jesus Reigns

November 19 Living in the Light

November 26 The Secret to a Vibrant and Effective Prayer Life

August 2017

August 6  Outcasts:  Loving the Cynic

August 13 Fake News vs. Good News

August 20 All Who Are Faithful

August 27 The Gospel in a Word (Not Available)

April 2017

April 2 Audacious Faith (Not Available)

April 9 Palm Sunday: Recognizing the King

April 16 Easter: The Power of Resurrection

April 23 Trinity: What is it?

April 30 Trinity: Compelled to Serve

January 2017

Janury 1  Greater Than

January 8  Branching Out: Connected in Christ (Not Available)

January 15  Contrite Spirit

January 22  Devoted to Prayer (Not Available)

January 29  Teach Me To Pray: Foundation