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November 18, 2018

Philippians: The Gains of Generosity

Philippians 4:10–23

In Paul’s final words to the Philippians, his message is a bit confusing at a first reading.  Is Paul telling them not to send him gifts?  Is Paul telling them that he doesn’t need their gifts?  No.  Neither of these are true.  Paul is trying to save these people from embarrassment.  In gratitude for the ministry he brought to Philippi, they wanted to return the favor in sending Epaphroditus to help and they offered gifts while he was in prison.  Though, the gift of Epaphroditus didn’t work out because Epaphroditus got sick.  In sending Epaphroditus back to them Paul didn’t want them to think it was a rejection of the gift, but it was because a sick Epaphroditus needed to be more with his people than with Paul.  That’s why Paul goes on this long explanation of how he is reliant upon the Lord and the Lord provides.  Implied in Paul’s words is that generosity cultivates generosity.  God is generous to us, so we are generous to others and others are generous to more people.  It’s not about reciprocity or even leveling the relationship, it's about the “profit.”  Profit for the Kingdom of God.  While Paul is moved by their gesture and the gesture hasn’t worked out, it’s better that they extend that same generosity for others that the Kingdom may gain more believers and God be glorified.  Implied in this exchange, though, is that God calls us to have generous hearts.  Who has been overwhelmingly generous to you?  Who do you need to be generous with today?