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April 22, 2018

Amos: Owning Our Brokenness

Amos 2:6-16


When bad things happen, we often ask the question, “Why?”  Before this passage, Amos alludes to an earthquake that happened.  I imagine Amos is answering to his people of his time the question, “Why did this happen to us?”  And his answer is not a message of hope.  Our passage is Israel’s (Northern Kingdom) judgement.  And later will come their punishment.  We don’t like to be judged.  Not by our spouse.  Not by our friends.  Not by our children.  Not by God.  For someone to point out our faults and sins is demoralizing and heartbreaking.  God’s judgment of Israel may seem harsh, but what value does God’s judgment play in our lives and those of Israel?  This isn’t meant to encourage humans to judge one another because we are not fit to be the judge.  But God is.  Although, the Book of Amos doesn’t offer much hope, it does set-up hope.  Imagine if we always fed ourselves grace, hope and love.  Imagine that our lives are void of hardship, disappointment and brokenness.  Would we even understand the value of grace, hope and love?  Not that God wishes judgment and punishment upon any of His creation, sometimes we need to experience our transgressions in order to experience the goodness of grace, hope and love.  We live in an age where we try to avoid the hard thoughts for the good thoughts, but what if we faced our hubris, owned our sin/wrong-doing, our brokenness and called out for the God who can reconcile all things?  The God who can bring redemption?  The God who can restore all things?  Imagine what could happen.