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February 3 Luke: What If Jesus Meant What He Said? (Not Available)


February 10 Luke: Breaking the Norm


February 17 Luke: Fertile Soil

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December 2 The Coming King: I Want It NOW


December 9 The Coming King: Patient Peace


December 16 The Coming King: Shocking Expectation


December 23 The Coming King: The Day is Near


December 24 Light Among Us


December 30 Our Family Christmas Tradition (Not Available)

November 2018

November 4 Philippians: Heavenly Change

November 11 Philippians: Higher View

November 18 Philippians: The Gains of Generosity

November 25 Goodness (Not Available)


THIS COMING SUNDAY:  February 24, 2019

Luke: The Mountaintop Experience

Luke 9:28-36


What shall we do with this experience between Jesus, Peter, John, James, Elijah, Moses and the Father?  What shall we do with that mountaintop experience?  This is a stunning scene, to say the least, in our passage.  It is hard to explain in words.  Luke tells us that Peter, John and James, “saw his glory.”  I imagine that not only did they see his glory, but they experienced the glory of God.  Peter didn’t know what to do with what he saw and experienced.  It was so powerful, but what should he do?  So in a very human response, Peter offers to build Elijah and Moses homes.  Maybe as a sign of welcome or maybe just to shield his eyes from the blinding light and white of glory.  Have you ever experienced the powerful and shocking nature of God to the point where you didn’t know what do with it?  Peter, John and James had this mountaintop experience with Jesus and yet they didn’t know what to do with it.  It didn’t affect their ministry journey with Jesus.  It didn’t enhance their ministry right away.  But DO WE need to know what to do with those mountaintop experiences with God?  Do we need to know what to do with God’s powerful presence?  I don’t think so.  Sometimes those mountaintop and powerful experiences with God are experiences that will later witness and that will later make sense.  The only thing we must do in those moments and thereafter is to stay faithful and confident that this is not the last moment of God’s glory.  When have you experienced the glory of God?