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February 18, 2018

Acts: Claiming God's Deeds of Power

Acts 2:1-21

In our passage, it says that the people were speaking about “God’s deeds of power” in different langauges.  Some believed, some didn’t.  Then Peter speaks up and proclaims that what they are hearing is true.  It is not drunkenness.  It is God’s power at work.  And how out of this deed of power at Pentecost, the entire early church is launched.  The Messiah ended on earth, but the church began.  And they began with new purpose and power by the coming of the Holy Spirit upon their lips.  I believe God wants to do just as powerful and incredible things in our lives today, but because we are unwilling to claim God’s deeds of power or we are too afraid of the sensational moment, we cease to experience God’s power in our lives.  And therefore we don’t witness to His power.  Peter in some ways was meek throughout much of the gospels, but when Pentecost came, he knew it was time for him to step-up.  He knew that it was time to feed Jesus’ sheep.  And because he claimed and proclaimed God’s power in that moment, three thousand came to belief in Christ that day.  What deeds of power of God have we not claimed or proclaimed in our life?  And because we did not claim them, God couldn’t do even more miraculous and wonderful things in this world?