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THIS COMING SUNDAY:  January 20, 2019

Luke: Catch

Luke 5:1-11


I’m a soccer player.  In soccer, sometimes the most potent attack is when one of our defenders can join the attack, but it’s a risky move.  If the normal attackers move forward on the attack and our defenders move forward on the attack, what happens if the opposing team steals the ball and counter-attacks?  We won’t have anyone to defend and they will likely score a goal.  The way you have a potent attack from your defenders, while avoiding the vulnerability of a counter-attack, is by our attackers covering for the defenders as they join the attack.  We might communicate this by saying, “I got you.”  Meaning, we’re not vulnerable, we’re covered on defense if there is a counter-attack.  Similarly, in our passage, Peter is captured by fear.  What if there is no fish in the deep water?  We will starve!  And if I take this risk from this crazy Rabbi, Jesus, what if it doesn’t work?  We’ve lost valuable time fishing!  Peter surrenders anyways and finds that Jesus was right.  Peter’s surrender and faith is rewarded with a huge catch of fish.  And it’s to the point where it causes Peter to repent.  Peter surrenders in catching fish, but he also surrenders his life to Jesus.  The first action of surrender to the catching of fish causes him to eventually surrender to being caught by Jesus.  And Jesus commissions Peter to not just catch fish, but catch people.  Do you see the multiple application points here?  Where do you need to surrender to be caught by Jesus?  Additionally, where do you need to catch others, care for others, and be the hands and feet of Jesus?  To say, “I got you”?